Montessori Children’s House

CLASSES START Wednesday, August 2nd


Exciting news! Euro Soccer USA is teaming up with Montessori Children’s House to bring an engaging, skills-focused soccer program to your kids. We’re all about making learning fun and soccer more than just a game.

Our classes, designed for young children, focuses on teamwork, critical thinking, and communication, along with agility and soccer skills. We believe in nurturing not just athletes, but well-rounded individuals. Get ready for sessions filled with laughter, learning, and loads of soccer fun. We can’t wait to see your little ones thrive on and off the field!

Become a Part of Something Special!

Embrace a sense of belonging as your child becomes a part of our soccer family. Our community of parents, coaches, and young players creates an atmosphere of support and encouragement, ensuring a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Wednesdays classes


Between 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
45-minute class (divided groups)
Open enrollment throughout the school year (no soccer when the school is closed).
The program is open to students at this school only.