Euro Soccer USA Private Training

Euro Soccer USA boasts highly trained coaches from around the world, and they’re available to coach your child one-on-one!

Training provided for Defenders, Midfielders, Strikers and Goalkeepers alike! All of our Private Training Coaches have licenses, full background checks and vast playing experience.

  • Appropriate for ages 5-18 Years
  • 45 Minutes to 90-Minute Sessions

Mastering Technique of…

  • Dribbling
  • Scoring
  • Passing & Controlling
  • Heading (Age 10 and up)

Tactical Training

Attacking & Defending Ball turnover & Counter Attack

For Goalkeepers

Shot Stopping-Extended Diving & Collapse Diving Punching / Catching, Crosses & High Balls Footwork & Positioning Distribution-Throwing & Kicking Communication & Defensive Organization.

Speed Ladders, Hurdles and Slalom poles utilized to enhance Balance Coordination and Agility.

In your backyard or local park!

Available Year Round


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